Come on in!


What we’re doing is trying to make a collection of items for sale online by the very talented people on and from Guam. Whether native, born and/or raised or someone who stayed for a short period but holds the island in their hearts as one of their homes, we include them all.

We’re all familia, that’s why!

I guess you can say we’re advertising, although there are plans for more than that. We’re not just taking anything, though. It has to be music or art related. Check it out, see what we mean. Let us know if you have items for sale or know someone else who does.

By purchasing an item with oursupport artist & eilogo next to it, not only do the owners of the items profit, but so do we. Basically, we get a very small percentage of the sales we’ve referred to at no additional cost to you, our friends.

Also, check out the Shop & Support page.

We’re still working on the site, but you’re welcome to make yourself at home. Take a look around and let us know what you think. Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Tell us.

We have another website,, where you can catalog all the stuff you own, from books, music, dvds, games and more. Basically, anything you can find on, you can add there. That site is also under construction, but you should give it a try.

(Can’t seem to get the comments working on this thing, so for now, post all comments here or you can email us.)

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