56 Hope

Album: Good Fortunes

singles $0.99 each / album $8.99 (mp3 downloads)support artist & ei

or buy the cd @ CD Baby for $12.97

Description: “The root of our sound is reggae. Infused with other genre’s. Dub beats, instrumentals and whimsical lyrics that keep the groove going.

56 HOPE is not a band. It is a vibe…bigger than the four of us. It is a collaboration of ideas –musical and others. It is the manifestation of a connection of energy in the form of a melody, harmony and instrumentation. It is the effect, the result and the fruits we reap when we perform a labor of love, and our greatest compensation is the transference of this synergy to those who enjoy our music. It is a jewel that’s in our souls and it’s revealing itself.”

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