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Description: “My name is Leilani Techaira. I am 23 years old and live on Guam. Since I was a child I’ve been finding outlets to express the things I have seen and have felt that I was not able to get out verbally. I started drawing seriously in 3rd grade, my first vanishing point piece. From 4th grade unto 12th I played flute in Concert and Advanced band. In 8th grade I picked up a second instrument: tenor sax. I played sax for Jazz, Concert and Advanced unto 12th grade. My Junior year of high school I took out my fathers Acoustic Ovation and taught myself guitar and have been playing since.

Upon entering college I thought I knew what direction my life was going to go in. Three semesters of art, music and general requirements I realized that I might have been wrong. So I have taken a break, and during that break I discovered photography. I also discovered a new level of passion that I have never felt before. I’m still a little unsure where I am going but I have definitely narrowed it down.

I have not found my niche in photography yet. But I do feel myself slowly being pulled towards photojournalism and find myself favoring black and white photography. I want to capture life that is as truthful and in the moment as it could be. I want to explore how we as humans behave towards one another and what our hearts are trying to get out at the same time.”

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