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robertDescription: Robert S. Condol was born in Cavite, Philippines on May 15, 1980. He would only stay in his birth place for a short while before moving to California. Rob moved back and forth between the Philippines and the US during his early years. As an infant his mother put a paint brush in his hands and Rob corrected his brush stroke before he could correct his grammar. Rob’s father also painted on the side and served as another artistic influence as he grew up.

While attending high school in the Philippines Rob sketched most of the art for the school newspaper. But that was the extent of Rob’s high school ambitions. During his high school years Rob spent more time on the streets than in school, and more time playing in different bands than studying. After some hard partying, a couple of stolen car rides, and countless police chases Rob jumped islands to Guam.

During his year in Guam, music was dominant in his life but a job at an art gallery left the biggest impression. Rob lived in a tiny shack along the coast and it was here he would sketch murals on huge canvas. Pre-occupied with his living situation he paid no attention to his murals and left to Las Vegas. After a short stint in Vegas Rob landed an assistant editing job in Burbank, CA the post production capital for the film industry.

Rob thrived as a video editor creating DVD special features, and assisted on several TV shows. He currently works for Roundabout Entertainment preparing TV Shows and movies for broadcast. Seemingly Rob had finally found a place and a job he could settle down with.

In March of 2007 Alberto J. Condol passed after a long battle with cancer. This event marked a turning point in Rob life. It was after this traumatic event he turned to canvas to help him get through the pain of his loss. He picked up a paint brush and with his father in mind he began a new journey in life as an artist. Now as a focused artist Rob continues to grow and develop his own unique style of painting. Rob attributes his strength as a person to his mother Carmen and sister Maggie, along with his large extended family Rob’s love for painting only goes as far as his love for his family and friends.

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