Album: Sikmind

CD price: $18.99support artist & ei

singles $0.99 each / album $8.99 (mp3 downloads)support artist & ei

Description: “A “MUST HAVE” for all Hip Hop fans. Intense delivery, witty lyrics, banging beats, and R&B charged hooks GUARANTEE you’ll enjoy every track on the album.
Longtime affiliates, RoMZ and SKoBA ToKA, hailing from the tropical paradise Guam, re-united stateside to form their Independent Record Label “SIKMIND MUZIK Inc.”

RoMZ currently a service member in the army stationed at Fort Knox, KY, crossed paths with another talented addition to the group, D. Carter from Fairfax, VA (also a service member in the army). Although distance was thought to be an issue for the group, with 2 members RoMZ and D. Carter in KY, and SKoBA ToKA in Federal Way Washington, The trio still manages to create timeless classics.

Their intent as a group is to bring Golden Era Hip Hop back to the real heads and fans with a modern day twist. With catchy, witty lyrics and touch of RNB…..SIKMIND is sure to appeal to all the masses!”

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