Henna by Drea

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Description: “My name is Drea and I’m a henna artist. I’ve been interested in henna for a while. My mother used to bring premade paste home from the states and have me draw flowers and swirls on her. We quickly discovered that pre-made paste is not very effective in staining.

A few years later with encouragement from a friend, who happens to be a tattoo artist, I decided to do some research. Now I make my own paste from natural henna powder. Beware of PPD laced “Black Henna”!!!

So I’ve been practicing on my friends, drawing whenever I get the chance, and have even had the oppurtunity recently to participate in my first event, Pure Persia. And on May 30th, I did my first fundraiser. It was an art auction for Guma Mami Inc. I donated 4 pieces and did henna by donation. All proceeds went to help support the non-profit organization that works to make the lives of persons with dissabilities better. I’m very excited about doing more fundraisers!

I’m constantly searching for more information. I enjoy learning about the scientific aspect of henna as well as it’s history in different cultures and regions. I hope to get peer certifcation soon also!

If you’d like to schedule a personal henna appointment or talk to me about an event, party, or fundraiser you can contact me by messaging me here on myspace or e-mailing: drea_nicole@yahoo.com ! I’d love to do more fundraisers, especially. I’m also looking for pregnant mothers. I just purchased some lavender oil to make a safe paste for belly blessings.”

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