Album: Matala

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Description: matala“The CD features nine original tracks, a sampling of which can be found on their myspace site. Songs cover a variety of subjects. Some are love songs, others are about frustration found in everyday life and a few are instrumental pieces.

It took about two years to come to this point, from the CD’s inception in the minds of the band members to the concrete, hard copy, which features artwork by Shook.

One of the band’s most popular tracks, “Shelter”, was written in an hour and was recorded the next day. “Leocadia” and “Saturn” were improvised live in studio. The best takes made it to the CD.

“It has a live vibe and that’s what we’re about,” says Shook. “It’s a stale idea to record without each other because you’re a rock band, and it’s about the band, and rock music especially is about unity.”

Vocals are done by ALL members. “

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