Island Trybe

Album: Fresh of the Grill

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CD price: $10 plus $2 S&H

Description: “ISLAND TRYBE aka Trybe Fam Reppin 253 Tacoma Washington, Chamorro People & Pacific Islanders everywhere!!! Island Trybe brings a new sound to tha game by fusing tha best of both worlds together. Being raised in tha states & rooted in tha islands, Island Trybe draws influences from rap, reggae & R&B muzik to come up wit our own marination yadigg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ISLAND TRYBE is not limted to jus rap, theres more to it than that yadigg. In reggae or R&B muzik we got u too!!! So get at us and u can get ya “beatz on instinct” from Island Trybe’s in house producer B.O.I. Bones!!! Inquiries call: (253) 905-8735

Live in or near Tacoma, Washington? Pick up a copy at these locations.

12164 South C. St.
Tacoma, Wa

9701 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, Wa”

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