Munkie Nut

Stickers for sale here.

Description: “They have three different sticker designs to choose from with a low low price of $5 for a pack of 10 for your selected design.

Get your bl00b shirts ready, and make yourself some MN support paraphernalia! It’s official as of 08/08/08; Munkie Nut has reformed, and will resume playing gigs!

The current lineup reunites the three original guitarists; Dylan, James, and Jarrod. Dylan and Jarrod will resume guitar duties, while James takes over on bass.

Munkie Nut made their re-debut at the GMI production Fuck Shit Up IV, unveiling their “Secret drummer” as Tia Taitingfong of Rozlin Fair fame. The reintroduction was very successful, and the band was met with warm welcomes.

Spread the word, and show some love. Munkie Nut is back!”

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