We are currently working behind the scenes to get endignorance.com updated so that we can better support and promote the talent of Guam no matter where they’re located. Check there regularly for news, events, updates and more. Check out the forums for discussions, articles and random post-whoring. Go if you are bored and can’t find anything else to do.

Have news, events, gigs and/or updates for your band or your friends’ bands? Post them there. You’re all welcome no matter the genre or talent. We want it all!

Let’s get this community together and stronger than ever. With each other’s support, we’ll no longer be ignored.

The Shop

We’ve created this portion of the site in order to gather all things available for purchase by our fellow Guammies, as well as yourself. We’re not looking to collect profit from your sales. We just want to help share the love.

Stitch & Stones (The Admin & Owners)

Nobody knows us better than our friends. That’s why I want them to tell you all what they think of us. We’ve asked them not to hold back (too much. Ahah.) and spout out their love and hate for us.

Ams says, “I’ve known the musically driven couple for about three years now, and in that time I’ve noticed that the music aspect of their lives is forever growing, and is most likely unstoppable. Whether they’re playing it, supporting it, or just dancing to it, it constantly surrounding their lifestyle. They have opened up opportunities for all kinds of musicians, and supporters alike to come together and share their ideas, opinions and their love for one of the most important things in the world. No holds barred, and open-minded, they take on everything with determination, and a sense of humor. They get the word out, and they get it out fast.”

Tisha says, “Dave is a nerd. Nicole is a hussie.”

Tazzeh says, “Dave & Stony are organized chaos, procrastination, and MAC pushing all rolled into one but every so often they spark a period of genius that not only draws us closer as friends but that also inspires artistic selflessness in those of us that call EI home. Egos and attitudes aside, a greater purpose arises from simple suggestion. Though they may not know it, I do value their opinions and the way they try to lead by example. Dave’s sharp wit and sarcasm make it worthwhile to be around just for his responses. And I can always rely on Stony to be right on point and either beat me to the punch or lead off. I’ve known them for longer than I care to mention and I am glad to call them family. 

Oh yeah, Dave is a g33k and Stony is pervy. lol”

*more opinions to come

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