Juju Bug

juju bug’s etsy shop

Description: “An eclectic mix of new, recycled and vintage treasures…”

BIO: “I am juju. A hapa haole born in Salt Lake City (not mormon tho) but raised on the tropical island of Guam. My mother is Japanese, and my father is Caucasian (with French and English roots). I am Married to my best friend (Ryan) and we are living in Sunny San Diego.

My ongoing love affair with crafting started when I was a child. I just love to create things, and seem to get my hands dirty in all sorts of projects! Sewing, knitting, jewelry making, print making to name a few.

In July of 2007, I became a stay at home mom to a delightful little girl. Her name is Rio – yes, like the Duran Duran song 🙂 I put my career on hold to be a stay at home mom. Only then did I realize how utterly hard it is to find cool baby clothes out there. I learned how to make fun stuff on my own in hopes to share it with others.

FYI (since some people seem to care): I am happy to report that we live in a smoke free environment, but not pet free – we have 2 loving cats in our home. (Although, I do try my best to keep them away from my projects.)”

Munkie Nut

Stickers for sale here.

Description: “They have three different sticker designs to choose from with a low low price of $5 for a pack of 10 for your selected design.

Get your bl00b shirts ready, and make yourself some MN support paraphernalia! It’s official as of 08/08/08; Munkie Nut has reformed, and will resume playing gigs!

The current lineup reunites the three original guitarists; Dylan, James, and Jarrod. Dylan and Jarrod will resume guitar duties, while James takes over on bass.

Munkie Nut made their re-debut at the GMI production Fuck Shit Up IV, unveiling their “Secret drummer” as Tia Taitingfong of Rozlin Fair fame. The reintroduction was very successful, and the band was met with warm welcomes.

Spread the word, and show some love. Munkie Nut is back!”

Island Trybe

Album: Fresh of the Grill

Order album here.
CD price: $10 plus $2 S&H

Description: “ISLAND TRYBE aka Trybe Fam Reppin 253 Tacoma Washington, Chamorro People & Pacific Islanders everywhere!!! Island Trybe brings a new sound to tha game by fusing tha best of both worlds together. Being raised in tha states & rooted in tha islands, Island Trybe draws influences from rap, reggae & R&B muzik to come up wit our own marination yadigg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ISLAND TRYBE is not limted to jus rap, theres more to it than that yadigg. In reggae or R&B muzik we got u too!!! So get at us and u can get ya “beatz on instinct” from Island Trybe’s in house producer B.O.I. Bones!!! Inquiries call: (253) 905-8735

Live in or near Tacoma, Washington? Pick up a copy at these locations.

12164 South C. St.
Tacoma, Wa

9701 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, Wa”