Kaduku Clothing

The Website

Description: “What does Kaduku Mean?

Well by definition the word means “crazy”, but to our new clothing line…it means “Island roots with Urban Style”
Now let me give you a little background of our clothing company. Basically we are three islanders, two from Guam and one from the Philippines. We all live in the Seattle area and love the urban culture. We first decided in September 2007 that we wanted to create a clothing line that would represent our island roots with our urban style. We know that this will be the first clothing line of its kind and it will be unique to so many people. We have created Kaduku Clothing for people like you to express your own style and to represent where you came from. In short the concept is simple…be proud, be crazy, be Kaduku and of course… be unique!”

Check them out on their Myspace.

SJP Crafts & Engraving

The Store

Description: ” We offer unique gift items and custom engraving services.

We do what we do out of respect, love, and appreciation for our island heritage and culture. We offer some traditional items and some unique arts and crafts of our own creation. We thank you for the honor and privilege of sharing and celebrating our islander heritage. TA TUNA YA TA GUAIYA IT GEF-PA’GO NA KUTTURA’TA, YAN TA GOPTI IT ACHATAOTAOTA NI MUMANTETIENI I TININGO’ YAN I HINENGGIN MANAINATA! Revere and love our beautiful culture, and celebrate our people that hold the knowledge and beliefs of our ancestors!”

Sell through us

Okay. So if anyone wants to sell their own merch through here shoot me an email with the following details:

  • email address and a contact name
  • photos and descriptions of the items
  • prices plus shipping costs
  • payment options you’ll accept (checks and money orders)

Please note that your items need to be art or music related and your own.

You don’t NEED an online shop to be added to ours and it won’t cost you anything*. Your own merch and a valid email address that people can contact you at is really all that is needed. Please note that we will not take responsibility for any issues regarding your sales. We’re basically just offering a place for you to advertise.

Those of you that get in now will not have to pay anything. We may start charging a small fee to those that join later should this thing take off.

When we start bringing in enough money, we may even discuss buying items directly from those of you with items you’re having a hard time selling on your own and then reselling them ourselves at festivals, shows and other events.

*Established business may be able to advertise for a fee, but we’re currently still discussing/figuring the prices and details.

What else would you like to see on the shop?

Advertisements? WTF?

I know many of you don’t like seeing ads, but they are here to help us make a profit and still keep your membership on endignorance.com free, as well as keep this shop running. Money made through the ads will go to website upkeep, upgrades and more. It will also go to sponsoring bands, artists and shows, should we make enough. Please note that we only make a profit if you actually buy something (and not return it, although I believe exchanges are fine) and not just by the click count.

Not to worry though because we’ve decided to keep the ads off the main website so you’ll only see them when you want to. If you already shop online a lot, consider shopping through our ads for the things you want. Amazon doesn’t only sell music and books. They sell almost anything.

We also plan to contact Guam-based or Guam-made business to offer ad space, which will not only help us, but promote familial-support. Keep an eye out for that.

If you want to check out the ads, click here or the “Shop & Support” link on the sidebar.