Juju Bug

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Description: “An eclectic mix of new, recycled and vintage treasures…”

BIO: “I am juju. A hapa haole born in Salt Lake City (not mormon tho) but raised on the tropical island of Guam. My mother is Japanese, and my father is Caucasian (with French and English roots). I am Married to my best friend (Ryan) and we are living in Sunny San Diego.

My ongoing love affair with crafting started when I was a child. I just love to create things, and seem to get my hands dirty in all sorts of projects! Sewing, knitting, jewelry making, print making to name a few.

In July of 2007, I became a stay at home mom to a delightful little girl. Her name is Rio – yes, like the Duran Duran song ๐Ÿ™‚ I put my career on hold to be a stay at home mom. Only then did I realize how utterly hard it is to find cool baby clothes out there. I learned how to make fun stuff on my own in hopes to share it with others.

FYI (since some people seem to care): I am happy to report that we live in a smoke free environment, but not pet free – we have 2 loving cats in our home. (Although, I do try my best to keep them away from my projects.)”

Kaduku Clothing

The Website

Description: “What does Kaduku Mean?

Well by definition the word means “crazy”, but to our new clothing line…it means “Island roots with Urban Style”
Now let me give you a little background of our clothing company. Basically we are three islanders, two from Guam and one from the Philippines. We all live in the Seattle area and love the urban culture. We first decided in September 2007 that we wanted to create a clothing line that would represent our island roots with our urban style. We know that this will be the first clothing line of its kind and it will be unique to so many people. We have created Kaduku Clothing for people like you to express your own style and to represent where you came from. In short the concept is simple…be proud, be crazy, be Kaduku and of course… be unique!”

Check them out on their Myspace.


Teeh’s zazzle shop

Description: poster“TEEH, born Tanya Jean Manibusan on October 12th, is an 18 year old singer, songwriter, musician and composer. Growing up in a small village town in Guam, TEEH had a rough childhood. From an early age she turned to the streets, and chose the gang life. At the age of 13, the reality of this lifestyle began to show itโ€™s true colors when a close friend committed suicide. Within a few years, another childhood friend was beaten and killed. TEEH turned to music as an escape and wrote a song dedicated to her friend. A little later she would give birth to the driving force behind her life and musical inspiration, her son Tyler. She continued to write and compose music which became popular locally. Until videos of TEEH singing, rapping, playing the Hawaiian ukulele and using a class table as an instrument were put on YouTube by classmates. The videos have been viewed over 10 million times around the world. She is internationally known for her song “FUCK THE BICH”. Now, thanks to the support of her fans she has finally signed a record deal with 1980 Entertainment. She is currently working on her debut album which is to be release in 2008.”