Lurk Hard

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Description: “Lurk Hard is a Northern-California based skateboarding company with graphic tees. Most will praise the hard worker who manages to hold down a 9 to 5 job. Here at Lurk Hard, we recognize the individuals who lurk hard every hour of the day (lurkers on a mission). Not concerned with everyone else’s point of views, we represent those who go against the grain. We encourage others to do what they can to survive and live out their dreams & whatever makes them happy. Do what you want to do, be what you want to be. Whether you’re a kid on the come-up, the dirtbag on the streets, the d-boy on the block, the skateboarder on the grind, or whatever your profession is, we salute you. Live the American dream, make your paper, & Lurk Hard.

Contact them on myspace or via email.”

Dot Dot Dot

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Description: “Dot Dot Dot is a rock/power-pop band from Chicago. It is comprised of Adam Blair, Stephan and Michael (who has an obsession with rubber ducks) of a band called Fabulous Janes and Rose and Little Lisa from a band called Catfight. Adam and Michael are also two-fifths of the band Adam and the Go Comets. Most recently they were featured on FOX’s The Next Great American Band and they have released a self-titled album available on iTunes.

Dot Dot Dot was voted off The Next Great American Band on December 7, 2007.”